Michigan Police Brutality Lawyer

The United States Constitution, federal civil rights statutes, and Michigan law all contain legal protections for people who have been injured or killed by police misconduct. At Michigan Injury Attorneys, our police brutality lawyer team is committed to helping victims of police brutality get the justice they deserve.

The police are supposed to serve and protect the public. Unfortunately, as we have all seen on the news, some police officers and agencies commit misconduct that injures and kills members of the community they are obligated to help. While some cases gain national coverage, the truth is that most incidents of police brutality never even come to the public’s attention.

Some people claim that if a victim of police brutality weren’t doing something wrong, or if they were complying with police, they wouldn’t get hurt. The reality is that many victims of police misconduct are innocent and doing their best to comply. And even those who may have been violating a law are entitled to due process under the law—not violent treatment at the hands of police.

Police Brutality in Michigan

If someone commits a crime against you, you should be able to turn to the police for help. But what do you do if the police were the ones committing the crime? For victims of police brutality, the usual avenues to seek justice are often unavailable. It is not uncommon for officers to deny that any misconduct or brutality took place, or to assert that their use of force was justified because they were under threat. Sometimes, video footage from a bodycam or bystander reveals otherwise. Other times, it is just the word of a victim against that of a police officer or agency.

Regardless of the circumstances, victims of police brutality deserve justice and accountability, as well as compensation for their injuries. For those killed by police misconduct, their family members deserve answers. A financial award can never bring back a loved one who was brutally and unjustly killed by police. But it can provide some security for surviving family members, and it is the only way our civil court system has to hold wrongdoers accountable. Holding bad police officers responsible also helps communities, particularly where a few police officers are responsible for many brutality claims.

The police brutality lawyers of Michigan Injury Attorneys represent clients in all types of police misconduct injury cases, including:

  • Excessive force
  • Deadly force
  • Inappropriate use of tear gas, tasers, and pepper spray
  • Police shootings

The law surrounding civil rights and violence is complex, and it is important to work with an experienced police brutality lawyer to ensure that your interests are protected.

Speak with a Skilled Michigan Lawyer

At Michigan Injury Attorneys, our police brutality lawyer team knows that just hearing accounts of police violence is disturbing, and experiencing it is traumatizing. Your injury may leave you unable to work, care for your family, or even just enjoy your life without pain. Even if your physical wounds heal, the emotional and psychological impact of what you have gone through may linger for many years. No one deserves to suffer like that. We are experienced litigators who do everything possible to get you compensation for injuries you or your loved one suffered at the hands of police.

Compared to other types of personal injury matters, police brutality cases may not settle quickly. Police have a strong incentive to deny wrongdoing and to prevent the public from learning about misconduct. If there is a settlement offer, it may be much less than you deserve, designed to make your case—and your story—go away. Our police brutality lawyers have extensive experience investigating the complex details of these cases, and uncovering the truth.

We know how painful these cases can be, and we do everything in our power to help our clients get the justice, compensation, and closure they deserve. We will strive to settle your case if doing so is in your best interest, but we are experienced litigators who are willing and able to take your case to trial if necessary.

To learn more about what a police brutality lawyer can do for you, contact Michigan Injury Attorneys today to schedule a free consultation.